Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Doutey: theater, the chance of a lifetime?

Last January came out on screens Chance of my life, a film in which Virginia had the worst bad luck Efira the world. Today, the fiction would she meets reality? While she was taking the stage to the next school year to play in The Dream of a Summer Night, the former host of New Star, which has been neglected in favor of television movies (read our article), will ultimately not showing the play by William Shakespeare, according to Le Parisien.

Virginia Efira will be replaced with Doutey in the role of Titania, the fairy goddess. Gilles Lellouche's companion and give the reply to Lorànt Deutsch, who encamp the character of Puck, the sprite smart. This is not the first time Doutey ascend the stage. The actress has appeared in Lady Windermere's fan by Oscar Wilde in 2003 and Intimate Strangers by Jérôme Tonnerre in 2007.

In 2010, we could see in the attachment of Didier Van Cauwelaert then Solness, the builder of Henrik Ibsen. As for Virginia Efira, let's not sad for her if she had to withdraw from the production of the Dream of a Summer Night, which will be played from September 10 at Theatre de la Porte Saint-Martin, c is for good reason: it is overbookée by projects in the cinema.

The bummer, Efira Virginia, knows it!

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