Friday, April 22, 2011

Elizabeth II turns 85 as

Queen Elizabeth II turns 85 on April 21, days before his grandson William marries Kate Middleton. With London decorated for the link on Thursday 29 April, the monarch has shown his good form in a religious ceremony in Westminster Abbey. The monarch attended the Maundy ceremony at the place where his grandson is getting married.

The queen came dressed in a turquoise blue coat and matching hat. After attending to the business and a brand tradition, the sovereign has red or white purses distributed to the elderly, as a way to recognize their service to the Church and community. 85 men and 85 women have received this "charity", courtesy of the Queen.

It's more a detail renococimiento to work something of economic value, because each coin is worth about eight dollars. The ceremony served as a rehearsal for the royal wedding, choirs and musicians have been the same that played in the link. Also, the technicians have been tested for light and cameras.

The British Royal Family has confirmed today that the Queen has already given its formal consent to the link, as mandated by the Royal Marriages Act 1772. The document says: "Know that we have agreed and hereby indicate our consent to the marriage of our most beloved grandson, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales, KG, and our faithful and dear Catherine Elizabeth Middleton."

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