Monday, April 18, 2011

Evan Rachel Wood announces that it is ... bisexual

The actress memorable "True Blood" and "The Wrestler" says love both men and women. A revelation that has been a bombshell in Hollywood, from the net and the press have feasted. Evan Rachel Wood, the top of its 24 years, she shouted loudly and "feels physically attracted to androgynous since his teens." Is this a way to resurrect his career? The effect of tracking mode after Ricky Martin? or maybe just the fact of wanting to inform her fans and defend the cause of gays and lesbians around the world? Evan Rachel Wood had already shown the time, hanging out with Marilyn Manson, hard-rock gotico creepy sadomasochistic, it had dropped like an old sock in a few weeks.

Maybe she had views on the beautiful Dita Von Teese? Evan Rachel Wood who currently lives on the West Coast of the United States, like any good actress who respects himself, soon moved into the city of New York. Alongside babes, beautiful feels "like a guy. I pay the restaurant and I hold the door.

I'm so romantic actually. " No doubt his fans will cross the side of Christopher Street, the Gay district of New York. For the rest, tall, thin, blonde or brunette, do not hesitate to offer a drink to Evan Rachel Wood is the best way to initiate the discussion ...

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