Thursday, April 21, 2011

Halle Berry is honest and acknowledge that you have failed in love

Halle Berry has been tired and had the courage to acknowledge what everyone argued, is a loser in love. The Oscar-winning actress has come to have in a long interview that many of their partners were more related to the business of his father with his own love for that person. "I wish I had realized long before I'm not a woman to be married.

I would have saved much time and suffering. Speaking of love always I was wrong, I've always made a bad choice, I wish I would have chosen better and would not have to regret it now. The abandonment of my father when I was so young I hit when looking for a partner. " "If I had a normal father would not have seen me in the arms of any man to find love in exchange for something.

I would not have felt lost in love and would not have committed the mistakes I made in love. " "It's important for me to consider my father as a role model. When I managed to keep him no wrong. Traditional marriage is not for me and after I married for the first time should have stopped.

Was burned and destroyed. When Eric arrived I had no choice but to accept his proposal, but I turned it wrong. " The truth is that his life personally has been a drama. We can only hope that achieves enjoy their relationship in the future. At least their fans will always be by her side supporting her after the premiere of each film.

Berry Hard commentary rarely unable to read from the mouth of an actress of her class. Congratulations.

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