Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hearings: Criminal Minds stronger than Beijing Express

Last night, M6 launched its new season of Peking Express. Sure of his stroke and the potential of his program, M6 has chosen to set in front of Criminal Minds, an American series which is currently a hit with over 7 million members! Despite camels, colorful candidates and the first disputes, Peking Express has not fizzled out to hunters of serial killers.

Series Federated U.S. 7,534,000 viewers, 30% market share, while Beijing Express met only 2,743,000 people, or 12.7% market share. A score disappointing and troubling for the channel to the views of the hearings of the program last year. At the same time, Beijing had touched Express for its launch over 3.5 million viewers ...

800 000 viewers lost ... this is what they call an early semi shade. Between Dr. House (8.4 million viewers for its recovery) and Criminal Minds, excluding Experts TF1 can rely on American series!

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