Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kate Middleton already a bun in the oven?

J-10 before the event of the year, if not the decade: the wedding of Prince William of England and Kate Middleton. But a few days of this royal union, not the dress that Kate is talking but the belly of the bride. There are whispers in the corridors because of Buckingham Palace as Prince and his lover have been waiting their first child.

Sacrilege, would they slept before marriage? According to some rumors, Kate Middleton would be pregnant and the couple would wait after the ceremony to formalize the future princess's pregnancy, specifically in returning from their honeymoon. "Kate is very nervous about whether it could soon be a mother and it must remain a secret until marriage", reportedly said a source close to the couple at a U.S.

celebrity magazine. "She was afraid of having nausea the day of the ceremony, but eventually decided not to push back and let fate." Rumors "absurd" for its part, strongly denied Buckingham pregnancy rumors, saying they are "absurd" and "completely false". Anyway, Kate Middleton does not show any sign of pregnancy, the British tabloids have even attracted the attention lately on the fact that she was extremely thin.

Pregnancy well hidden so as not to create scandal in the British royal family? Stay tuned.

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