Friday, April 22, 2011

Lindsay Lohan and the film on the Gotti

Lindsay Lohan is back into the movie project on Gotti. After several unsuccessful attempts in which Nick Casavettes, the director, had taken the "busy schedule" for Lohan to reject his candidacy to be a protagonist, it was learned that Kim Kardashian had attempted to get the role. Marc Fiore, the producer of the film, has also said that Lohan is not on the tape.

The same evening that confirmed that he would not be in the movie changed the sentence to passive and remember that Lohan chose another part of the casting of the film and that this decision was final. Fiore recalled that the management of Lohan was impossible to treat and therefore decided to reject his candidacy.

The producer acknowledged that softened call Lohan a big difference and that's why the young protagonist of the film will be assuming the role of Victoria Gotti. New art project for Lindsay Lohan, another opportunity to save your personal financial situation and attempt to achieve a new economic stability.

Hopefully this may have more luck than the previous ones, which for various problems has been unable to succeed in the world of cinema with a great movie. See if you have more luck now.

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