Friday, April 22, 2011

Michael Douglas is proud of Catherine Zeta-Jones

It was his best support in his battle against cancer. So today there is no question for Michael Douglas to let manage the disease alone! A few days ago, Catherine Zeta-Jones was hospitalized for treatment of bipolar disorders. Thinking at first depression, she had to get the facts and accept that she should undergo treatment for life.

Release today, so she continues to fight, and fortunately, it can obviously count on her husband Michael Douglas. After being seen together several times, it is in the press that was able to measure how much the couple is welded. In People magazine, Michael said: "It takes courage to go ask for help.

I am pleased that Catherine has done something so positive. And the courage she has never failed. Volunteer through Wednesday, Catherine returned to work. She is currently filming The Playing Field, Louisiana, a comedy starring Gerald Butler, Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel.

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