Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The minute Kate and William: All about the crown jewels

Every every everything, you know everything about the wedding of the century of Kate and William. To do so, no need to take the Eurostar London direction, just turn the TV on TF1 at 9:30 am appointment on TF1 for a special morning led by Jean-Claude Narcy and Catherine gentiles. And bonus, documentairesur backstage marriage for info on the crown jewels.

In parallel on LCI, a special edition hosted by Catherine and Philippe Balard Coulay with guests in the studio and Jean-Baptiste Marteau, special envoy to London. On France 2, Marie Drucker Stéphane Bern will present a morning duo of info that will start at 9:15. Once again, Stephane Bern will marvel at his erudition.

Among the guests were talking about Karl Lagerfeld plateau. M6, Nathalie Renoux to maneuver and will offer a viewpoint offset from the event. It will be shouldered for the society columnist Emmanuel Brant and the British journalist Alex Taylor while on W9 Sidonie Bonnec and Genevieve de Fontenay couvritont event from 8:40 p.m.

for a recap of the day. Radio side too, you can follow the wedding of the century. RTL first to propose a special edition of 2:30 with commentary by Henry-Jean Servat, leading expert of royalty, and Matthias Gurtler, editor of fashion magazine Gala-people. As for Europe 1, Jean-Marc Morandini offer a special edition devoted to media coverage of the event.

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