Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pekin Express: the debrief of episode 1

For this new season of Peking Express, the program breaks new ground with a run in Africa. Egypt, Kenya, and his wild landscape postcard will be the program of a highly anticipated season. Halfway between reality TV and the adventure game, Peking Express will he stem the erosion of audience for the program? This season, Peking Express seems to have relied more than usual on the cast.

The radius of strong personalities, Denis restaureur Swiss 54-year fan of Herve Vilard and imitator of Claude François. The "old beau préieux a bit" delicate manners will team up with the Mr. T look-alike, Caesar boxer for 49 years biscotos steel strand milk soup. Another "couple" of strangers, the party girl Ingrid, a pretty brunette with fiery eyes who does not do the adventure beauty without vanity, and Nicolas, geek addict Jeau videos.

Both bachelors, they will not say no to a love for Peking Express. But if Nicolas immediately falls in love with his partner, not sure it makes him the favor. Even with strong personalities, and twins Samuel Ludovic. If the first is a Michael Vendetta belgitude sauce, the second is a timid ...

The side of love include Karim and Leila, newlyweds not always on the same wavelength in the adventure. Their love will stand there and stress tests? But back to the adventure, the mother and daughter duo Nathan and Julie, who arrive before the first pyramid of Giza and are therefore qualified as are - a priori eliminated and Noella Damien, Belgian couple (again!) Loudmouth but very nice.

But surprise ... they may have a chance to be réntégrés, answer next Wednesday.

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