Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"The Piquetón" captures the attention in this week's magazine

Impact traditional journals this week at the wedding of Eugenia Ortiz, the middle daughter of Bertin Osborne Jerez, in the duel of styles between Rania of Jordan and Letizia Ortiz in the official trip to Jordan and the princes in the confrontation between Carmen Lomana and Belen Esteban materialize tonight with the presence of intimate enemies dick in Telecinco.

However, Cuore magazine that makes us divert attention to the final of the King's Cup with what has been called "Piquetón." The magazine cover shows a photo of Gerard Pique, Shakira's boyfriend, waiting for the singer in the Barcelona airport after weeks without seeing. Cuore affects the player's shorts and shows us one of the attributes of defense that could have served to win over Shakira.

Twitter obviously been discussed a lot about # piqueton and this has made the background the alleged statements of Gerard Piqué where he described disparagingly of "españolitos" the Real Madrid players, something the player denied having said. As we showed the couple is very much in love.

As in other journals can do little to compete with the bombing Cuore, Bertin Osborne posing happily with her daughters and husband of Eugenia and Hi Week. In week out in front and Silvia Abascal Hi Rania of Jordan and Letizia Ortiz. Carmen Diez Minutos Lomana choose who will speak today at length about Belén Esteban intimate enemies, trying to overshadow the final of the Copa del Rey to be played FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in Valencia.

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