Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shakira and copacidio, the highlight of the Copa del Rey

Outside the sports plane where Real Madrid beat FC Barcelona solitary goal from Cristiano Ronaldo in the first half of extra time, the party was a great player in the stands: Shakira and celebrations, Ramos and his copacidio (you can see picture below) were all the rage in twitter. The Colombian singer was sitting in the guest box and spent much of the game very nervous about the tension that was living on the lawn.

On the day of "Piquetón" published in the journal Heart, the artist did not take his eyes off his boy Gerard Pique and his team that the end could not win the trophy. Shakira her boyfriend threw a kiss in the stands and then consoled him with a hug. Barcelona defender and will have the opportunity to take the "revenge" in the semifinal of the Champions League next week.

Real Madrid celebrated their victory in Madrid loaded onto a bus where they were cheered on by their fans. As is customary in the celebrations, players passed the trophy and defender Sergio Ramos, inexplicably, he slipped and fell to the street to be crushed by the bus they were traveling players at four in the morning.

This has been baptized in the network as # copacidio and being trendy topic for many hours. However, responsible for carrying the trophy had a response and the Cup already this morning at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. Indeed, among the celebrities who were at the Mestalla, was Anne Igartiburu, Nuria González or Eugenia Martínez de Irujo.

Sara Carbonero assume that was there but did not see.

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