Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens enjoys his bachelorhood solved!

Vanessa Hudgens does not seem upset by his break with Zac Efron last December, after five years of relationship ... The young woman said, happy to be single and adds not need a man to make her happy! The 22 year old actress has revealed she had to take her new single life, to learn more about herself.

She said she was not looking for love at all costs: "I am really happy and I'm enjoying the moment. I am so happy and there are so many things to do, I do not necessarily need a man. I am single or not, it's a wonderful moment in my life. I am a young woman and I discover who I am. "Zac Efron her ex-boyfriend, and fellow" High School Musical ", would he bummed about love? Not quite, Vanessa Hudgens hopes to fall in love someday, but she thinks it is important not to look for the perfect man.

"Love happens when you do not try, so I decided not to try! "She says. However, she is looking for a boy who has a sense of humor ... and who loves to dance! But where does she find that rarity?

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