Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All boyfriends have been conflicting Shakira

In an exclusive interview, the journalist Edgar García Ochoa, who discovered singer Shakira has broken his silence and has received new details of the childhood of the singer as this can get to know more about it. Barranquilla reporter nicknamed "Flash" said to be the person who "discovered" the artist in times in which the Colombian father, William Mebarak, visited all the radio stations showing the work of his daughter without much success.

And again and again was rejected by ensuring that its beginnings were not easy. The nicknamed "Flash" when talking about his love life, which currently shows his love for the footballer Gerard Piqué no mufflers, adding that it was characterized by complicated relationships and couple conflict.

He quotes the actor Osvaldo Ríos, and their recent most recent ex Antonio de la Rua. Which sure did not understand as someone fights you still working with you, says indignantly. The journalist also reveals curious details about the singer. For example, small was plump and not too pretty, and already a mentalist predicted during childhood that would be famous.

And although the nation in Barranquilla, the singer does not like because they helped their parents. In fact the office is not in your city, but in Bogotá. Shakira "has a personality that only have stars like Sinatra and Madonna", ie "do not express their emotions and live in secrecy", says the singer discovered the 'Waka Waka.


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