Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins: Just Friends!

These pictures were seen around the web: Courteney Cox, recently separated from her husband David Arquette, having a good time at sea with her daughter Coco, age 6, but also (and especially) with Josh Hopkins's partner in Series Cougar Town. Immediately rumors began: the former Monica from Friends would she found love? After several weeks of speculation, Josh Hopkins wished to speak on the subject and says that Courteney and her are just friends and nothing more.

"There were many people with us that day, but obviously they made sure to take a picture where we see that both ", says the American actor in the show Access Hollywood. "It's to sell the paper, none of this is true." Josh Hopkins even admits that he hesitated before accepting the invitation of Courteney Cox to accompany him to St.

Barts. "I really wanted to go to the beach and Courteney invited me to come with her to St. Barts," he says. "First I hesitated and then Bill Lawrence (creator Cougar Town, ed) told me it was a great destination, so I said banco!" Josh Hopkins says he was nevertheless rather flattered that we can lend an affair with Courteney Cox.

"This is not the worst thing that ever happened to me," jokes the actor. "That does not put me in anger, she is very charming, but it's just not the truth," he concludes.

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