Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Anthem Snoop Dogg censored in Prince William

By inviting the Prince William to enjoy sex a few days before his marriage to Kate Middleton, Snoop Dogg has he gone too far? That is certainly what many think American radio stations, which have censored the last song of rapper, sent directly to the heir to the British crown. In this capacity, originally titled "Wet" ("wet" in French), Snoop Dogg invites Prince William to Las Vegas for a bachelor party boy "worthy of the name." But faced with pressure from radio stations, Snoop Dogg has finally been against changing the title of the song to rename the ...

"Sweat" translate "sweat". "People on the radio made me change the title," Snoop Dogg complains in Vibe magazine. "I have not changed a line in my song 'Kush' (which refers to cannabis, nldr). I hear the song on the radio every day, and we are clearly talking about smoking weed . I can not be sexy, but I can talk about drugs, "he quips.

Snoop Dogg Wet wrote last December and described the song as "the perfect anthem for Prince William," explaining that he advised the groom to "have a little fun before getting married and sleeping with a maximum of girls before making a lifetime commitment. " And when Snoop Doggy Dogg gives advice, we listen!

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