Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top Chef, Kitchen Nightmare, A near-perfect dinner ... investigation into the kitchens of the small screen success

When M6 threw a dinner almost perfect, there were few media experts to believe in the success of a program without stars and without fricotage in a pool. Advertisers and viewers have yet gathered outside the culinary program of M6 to the point of making the backbone of the private channel and a formidable trap advertisers in prime time.

With this success, M6 lançaTop Chief (who will see a season 3) and since yesterday Nightmare cuisineavec Etchebest Philippe, a cook in physical rugby and strong character, Count 2 stars and Meilleur Ouvrier de France, no less! If lovers of small dishes, rants and bouillabaisse rejoiced in discovering this program (M6 is very pleased with its hearings, the show had averaged 3.0 million viewers, an audience share 14.1% among the general public, and excellent performance of the program among housewives under 50 years, with an audience share of 25.1%), one wonders if after viewing the vein of cooking on TV is not being depleted.

Inspired by an English program with the charismatic Gordon Ramsay Nightmare cuisinetient much on the shoulders of his cook, Phill Etchebest. And if the cook has a loud voice and punctuates his sentences with a happy "is disgusting," we feel that the leader was not the Actors Studio and he struggles to play the bad guys.

In the genre, Jean-Pierre Coffe was better role in Panic in the kitchen. Result? A voice failed, sententious and overplayed. Gordon Ramsay who is not willing, nor Sebastian Demorand (MasterChef board), the ace of spades felt good. Another concern of the program, a mixture of genres in TV and TV culinary coaching.

Sometimes it's like halfway between the big brother Pascal and Jean-Pierre Coffe, shopkeeper coach adrift, sausage and stick in his hand. But that food lovers can rest assured MasterChef season 2 will certainly fill you up with Frédéric Anton, Yves Camberborde and critic Sebastian Demorand, soon on TF1!

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