Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Apply to become personal assistant to Lady Gaga!

On 17 May, Lady Gaga is the time for one day the editor of the newspaper Metro. On this occasion, the American singer will oversee the twenty international editions of the newspaper from offices in London. But Lady Gaga will not operate alone and is currently looking for a "little monster" to assist in making any news.

And it could be you! On its website, Metro has launched an appeal to its readers around the globe to become the "personal assistant" of Lady Gaga during this exceptional day. To enter, simply visit the journal's web site and answer a simple question: In your opinion, why are you born? While this question may seem strange at first, it refers to the last tube of Lady Gaga , Born This Way, or for non-Anglohphones, "born that way".

"I was born to be brave. It's part of my mission on Earth. I was born to follow my artistic creativity," said Lady Gaga on the website of Subway. "But some are probably born for another purpose, another destiny," continued the singer, calling his fans to explain the purpose of their existence.

One winner will be selected by the Metro teams in each of the twenty countries in which the newspaper is published. Lady Gaga itself will then select one that will be his assistant one day and the chance to go to London. So why are you "born this way"? Be creative!

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