Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kira Miro nude in FHM

Kira She looked back to the cover of FHM, totally naked, but accompanied by Paco Léon. The Hollywood couple are the stars of 'Do not call it love, call it X' where they give life to a retired actor and a porn star wanting to succeed. The film opens on May 6th and what better way to promote that "stripped" to the Canary Islands.

In the interview, the star of Aida takes the role of a director of the magazine and the making of the photo shoot he portrays a boss stressed. This is the first time a man on the cover of this publication for a male audience. Kira Miró that for a correct interpretation of bed scenes, the trick is to "make the body well and above the moaning, which are not flat but varied." On risqué scenes in the film, admits that at first was "a bit of modesty," but added: "After you get used to and I say 'I do not even put the robe, I have a heat ....'" With respect to the film, Paco Leon says: "When I have had to make sex scenes have always been special trust with my mates.

I do not know what happens when you need ... "and says:" I think that porn is undervalued, but it is true that pay little and is a super-specialized work of interpretation. " The film counts as after nearly twenty years of creative drought, porn film director, Pepe Fons, decides that he owes his public one last movie.

Thus was born the Spanish increased production porn film in history: The National Uprising. This comedy, presented out of competition at the Spanish Film Festival of Malaga, is led by Paco León, Kira Miró, Julián López and Mariano Peña and directed by Oriol Capel.

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