Monday, April 18, 2011

Ashley Greene, Vanessa Hudgens and Alessandra Ambrosio, combined!

The three beautiful, Ashley Greene, Vanessa Hudgens and Alessandra Ambrosio have in common that brought them together in one place for a single event! The three stars have visited the city of Indio, California to attend the annual music festival "Coachella Music Festival fun" which began Friday, April 15.

Everyone came together, Alessandra Ambrosio, model for lingerie company Victoria's Secret, attended this festive event and especially music with her boyfriend, Jamie Mazur. The couple took advantage, as it should be this moment of relaxation, and have continued to poupouiller (kisses, tender gestures ...) under the beautiful California sun! The temperature had to be really lenient because the Victoria's Secret angel was wearing a mini dress with straps very air, the lovely actress Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene did not look left side, a true taste of the Watch out for summer ...

chill ladies! The star of "Twilight", Ashley Greene, opted for a denim shorts and high riquiqui very sloppy that left more than a glimpse of a high green bra! These are his two friends (one friend on each arm, yes since she's single star appears with many friends! Joe Jonas Was he jealous?) Who have assessed the scantily clad, in all honor of course! Vanessa Hudgens, who she came with a whole bunch of friends including his partner on the screen (in the film Journey to the Center of the Earth 2), Josh Hutcherson, had chosen an outfit very hippie-chic with an ethnic twist His style ...

What a lightweight trousers with flower motifs, a top above the navel orange tones, multiple Indian jewelry, a fringed bag and a wide brimmed hat to protect his lovely little face mister sun rays! Certainly this festival brings together many stars lookées ... Our three stars enjoyed their day at the outdoors and have shared this moment of pleasure with their fans via their Twitter account! Each left a small message for reporting that they had "come to enjoy the Coachella festival." They would not be a bit boastful our female celebrities? Anyway, they like to know they have it good and they play like little crazy.

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