Monday, April 18, 2011

Robert Pattinson would be good to play dad in your life!

Robert Pattinson is affirmative, he wants a family! The actor will next be on French screens, with the poster of "Water for Elephants" (released May 4) made this little revelation during an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times. "I'd like to have a family," said the interpreter Hero Maupassant, Bel-Ami, who is currently in full promotion of the movie (the premiere of the film was held yesterday in New York) in which he co-starred with the lovely Reese Witherspoon.

The young man, which multiplies the film projects, also said he did not understand how the tabloids could invent an interview from A to Z in which he described his desire to marry Kristen Stewart and have a child with her ... Indeed, for those who would welcome the formalization of the relationship between Rob and Kristen, it will merely their union in film and fiction their child in Twilight ...

At least for now! When his partner on the screen, the newly married, Reese Witherspoon, she confirmed that the dance was not the chosen field of Robert Pattinson, the two stars had to dance for the movie and it was not easy case, but she emphasizes that they ended up doing something fun to do ...

By dint of working with the choreographer, the two stars have been able to progress, the artist says even with a touch of humor "I told myself repeating, you're not on Dancing With the Stars." Moreover, the filming of "Twilight" saga that has made known the dark brown, now drawing to a close, the interpreter of the vampire Edward Cullen said her character was going to miss him.

Indeed, he claimed that this outcome will be "a real tear" while adding "It was wonderful to interpret the same character throughout the adventure." The star said that this role will remain forever engraved in his memory, in all likelihood, this will be the case for his many fans who have adored the adventures of Bella Swann and fine representative of the Cullen family!

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