Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beijing Express puts his suitcases in Africa

The wait is over. Tonight, the M6 will kick off the new edition of Beijing Expressbaptisée The route of the great beasts. For this seventh season, Stéphane Rotenberg and candidates put their suitcases in Africa. From Egypt to South Africa, through Kenya and Tanzania, a large portion of Africa will be honored Beijing Express: The road of big cats.

The ten teams will cross the paradisiacal landscapes, like the pyramids of Giza, the shores of Lake Victoria and the Indian Ocean or the Maasai villages in Tanzania. In total, candidates will have to travel 10,000 km and from Egypt to join the Southern Africa and the Cape of Good Hope. The rules of the game remain the same: distributed in pairs (couples, families or strangers), the ten teams will make the journey as quickly as possible with only one euro per day per person for food.

As for candidates, production put the dishes in major this year and we announced a colorful cast. As for couples, we find Karim and Leila, the bride and groom, Luke and Mercy, retirees who are not afraid of anything, Damien and Christmas, an atypical couple, and Peter and Isabelle, who have the distinction of be ...

divorced! The colors will be worn by family stepsisters and Laetitia Dianéba, brothers Samuel and Ludovic overexcited and Julie and Natalie, a mother and daughter. In terms of unknown, Denis and Cesar find two people who are total opposites, and Ingrid and Nicolas, two singles. Finally, Jean-Pierre and François, two longtime friends, will close ranks.

At the end of the adventure, only two of the ten teams will play the final in Cape Town and will compete for the 100,000 euro brought in. Which? Early response tonight at 20:45 on M6.

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