Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens took no drugs at Coachella

A spokesman for Vanessa Hudgens has denied that the young actress took drugs during the past Coachella festival held last weekend and it came with a group of friends, among whom was Josh Hutcherson. The rumor arose when last Monday, April 18, saw the light some photos where the 22 year old was licking the remains of a white bag and the surface of your fingers.

Vanessa representative commented that what the artist was doing was eating white chocolate. This would have wanted to stop speculation about what was or was not doing the young, offering his version E! Online. The truth is that for the pictures they took the girl in the festival could see the fun with a group of friends, dancing, sitting on the grass ...

Typically in music festivals and when you have 22 years. So, no drugs, no love story with Josh Hutcherson, until notified otherwise, the actors move from having a friendship. What is clear is that it had a wonderful Vanessa in Indio, California over the three days of this popular festival.

An event attended by numerous celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger, Dita Von Teese, Dominic Monaghan, Leonardo diCaprio, Ashley Greene, Nicole Richie or Kate Bosworth.

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