Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Carla Bruni: First Lady has the Blues

Being first lady of France, a full time job. So we recently learned that Carla Bruni-Sarkozy wanted to postpone his album 2012, after the presidential speculation rose about the withdrawal of the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, his choice to put aside his artistic life, his meter a singer does not in any way thwart the ambitions of her husband.

Carla Bruni and avoided any controversy on its activities not necessarily good for all French or a title that could have a political connotation. A sacrifice that confirms the weekly Gala, which this week as the "blues" Carla, saying the former model is "trapped at the Elysee," forced to "disappear" behind her husband.

One that fully assumed until now his status pretty sore, Bertignac friend and wife of a president right now would be outgrown its status as a wife, unless highlighted in the media landscape, leaving care to Nicolas Sarkozy to work his own image among the French. In the winter of 2009, Carla Bruni said on the board when issuing TF1 Seven to Eight: "If it is, is his business.

As a wife like that, in private, a warrant would suffice. " It seems qu'aujoud'hui Carla prefers to keep quiet.

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