Wednesday, April 20, 2011

X Factor: and now, sing!

Last night, the first premium M6 broadcast live from his new TV show X Factor hook. After several weeks of hearings throughout France, the jury Christophe Willem Véronic DiCaire, Olivier Schultheis and Henry Padovani, has selected the top 12 candidates, whose fate now rests in the hands of the public.

Faithful to the principle of the broadcast in several countries, candidates are divided into four groups: boys under 25, girls under 25 years, over 25 years and groups. Creping buns between jurésLe first candidate to perform on the stage of X Factor is Matthew on a cover of "Love Supreme" by Robbie Williams.

Then Vincent, who sings "Love's Divine" by Seal and Florian resumed "The clock is ticking" Mickael Miro. The three candidates do not benefit particularly transcendent and some board members do not fail to emphasize, though, everyone cheerfully defends the colors of the category he coaches.

A little objectivity would not hurt, ladies and gentlemen of the jury! The side groups, the 2nd Nature are the first to appear and sing "Firework" Katy Perry. Their performance is not unanimous and Christophe Willem notes that the performance was cheesy. A stab at Olivier Schultheis, support groups.

Among girls, Sarah tries to resume "Rolling In The Deep" Adele while Berenice tries to "My Old" by Daniel Guichard. Two daring song choices that are profitable for both candidates, overall appreciation by the jury. Maryvette did even better with a reprise at Piano "If I Had a Hammer" by Claude Francois.

If the 2nd Nature managed to make a cheesy song by Katy Perry Maryvette, she manages to bring up to date a title Cloclo! Then Cecile, who sings "Do not Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston. Christophe Willem is packed (and rightly so, is his coach), but Olivier Schultheis launches to the candidate: "Be careful not to become the female Christophe Willem.

The competition continues between jurors and revenge is a dish best served cold! "It is fair to the sausage!" Second group of the evening, Omega offers a medley of "So you can dance" by Lady GaGa and "Seven Nation Army "White Stripes. If the band makes some false notes, they at least have the merit of proposing something original.

Then come the duo Twem, flunked in the British version of X Factor. The two men took "Rhythm of the Night" by Corona and even offer a choreography with dancers to accompany them. You said nerdy? Olivier Schultheis is the best sums up the performance: "It is fair to the sausage!" After this offset provision, Raphael comes on stage and sings "Initials BB" by Serge Gainsbourg while the favorite, Marina, closing show with a cover of "I'll Be There" Jackson 5.

The jury is packed and the audience too. After the public votes, Sandrine Corman announced the verdict: Omega Twem are both on the skeleton. Before one of them was rescued by the jury, the groups sing again. The first resume "When you have that love" by Jacques Brel and the second "Young cons" of Saez.

After these two performances, the jury is divided, and while Veronica and Christopher vote for Twem, Henry and Oliver choose to Omega. It is the public who should decide again. The Twem are finally eliminated. A decision the coach group, Henry Padovani, welcomes with open arms: "It will make me less job," he says.

This is called spitting in the soup.

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