Thursday, April 21, 2011

Catherine Zeta-Jones: his revenge on depression

Catherine Zeta-Jones is still recovering but she is better. Struggling with her husband has cancer, the actress 41 years has sunk into manic depression and decided on its own initiative to go to a clinic to be treated grouse. It last week revealed that the star undergo treatment to control bipolar disorder, here already back on movie sets for a comedy drama in the world of sport, in very good company (Gerard Butler, Uma Thurman Jessica Biel, Ethan Hawke ...).

Spotted on the set, the star was smiling and glamorous, elegant and friendly as she shared a few scenes with Uma Thurman and Dennis Quaid also (Far from Heaven). Between takes, the young woman laughed and clapped his hands encouraging Gerard Butler's role as sports dad. Also, Catherine Zeta-Jones does not deny the force of evil that reaches to the contrary.

People magazine, she said: "There is no shame in seeking help. This is a disorder that affects millions of people including myself. (...) If the fact that I reveal my bipolar encourages people to seek help, then it's worth it. " Psychological diseases are rarely taken seriously when the pain seems less brutal than that of a viral disease usually, but the formalization of Catherine Zeta-Jones has provided the support and respect of part of Hollywood.

Support she can see herself to help her husband Michael Douglas.

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