Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hugh Laurie romantic: Dr. House on the evening news of TF1 (VIDEO)

The day before, the diffusion of 4 episodes of the sixth season of House was attended by more than 8 million viewers on TF1. Hugh Laurie, much smoother and enjoyable than his character Gregory House, hosted by Laurence Ferrari very welcome last night. Presented his album "Let Them Talk a few weeks before his concert in Paris, the actor referred to this lesser-known passion of his audience, his love of jazz and bohemian life that he translated for him.

Play "console me when I'm alone at night," said the interpreter Dr. House reporter of 20 hours. I put myself at the piano, I feel "fulfilled". " Hugh Laurie told he had the chance today to play with his musicians and evoke a rap-oriented album, but not now! An eclectic man! After answering the tricky question "Do you like France?" (Of course ...), the actor has agreed to give some clues on the course of his character now in trouble in the latest episodes of Dr.

House (locked in a psychiatric hospital). Without saying too much, Hugh Laurie was kind enough to blow the path of House would be "a long rocky road (...) It will get better but happiness does not last, I'm sorry to tell you."

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