Friday, April 22, 2011

Cindy Crawford has lost none of its luster, it shines for Her!

The supermodel Cindy Crawford, who had his heyday in the 90s with his colleagues Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, is still radiant! Now aged 45, beautiful brunette famous mole appears on the cover of the prestigious fashion magazine for the Chinese edition it and is simply gorgeous! The mannequin, porcelain skin, her hair piled in a bun with a few wisps of hair flying in the wind, wearing a beautiful dress asymmetrical fashion house Lanvin, vermilion color flatters her skin especially.

Cindy Crawford as always features a silhouette and thin but toned flirt with thinness. The top has always conveyed an image and sound cool, also in this picture she has opted for a light makeup, nude trend that suits him perfectly, his nails are only matched with its flashy outfit! Moreover, she confided that one of her beauty secrets to maintain good skin tonic was to drench your face with an atomizer containing mineral water and milk several times a day.

The top who said a few days ago, it was difficult nowadays to be a model referring to actresses or singers who were chosen as more beauty or fashion muses, also said she was shocked by the extreme thinness of the current models "When I was a model, a size 38 was a normal size. Today, we must have a size 34 or 32 ".

Codes that have evaluated over the years and not much unfortunately! Cindy Crawford has never yielded to the new dictates of the fashion industry, she chose to live a healthy life with her husband whom she married 13 years ago, Rande Gerber and their two children Kaia, age 9 and Presley, 11.

She has also completed filming a commercial for the drink Pepsi with its two beautiful toddlers and her beloved!

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