Friday, April 22, 2011

Mireille Dumas: The end of privacy, public life?

Eleven years that timeless Mireille Dumas entertains Public life, private life, to meet celebrities who engage outside promotion, seeming to forget momentarily that control their business may claim, sat face to look like the intimacy. According Lepoint. en, the host would be forced to leave the issue to the next school year without leaving the antenna.

"The leadership of France 3 asked him to consider other forms of cooperation, including that of the documentary," announces the website of the weekly. Credible info? Not so if one believes First. en who contacted the president of France 3, Pierre Sled. This ensured that the schedules of school was not yet decided since it was just get on with it this summer.

Lie, yet lightweight because it does not seem that the director of France has at no time claimed that Mireille Dumas well continue hosting his flagship show ...

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