Thursday, April 21, 2011

Courteney Cox worries: David Arquette was gay!?

Courteney Cox and David Arquette have separated after 11 years together. Separation obviously very hard but that Courteney Cox is back today with sadness and even humor. Interviewed during a talk show, the actress told Cougartown notably the time she was very frightened to discover that her husband's sexual proclivities were not at all those she knew! "I'm going on its iTunes purchase history to see if David had downloaded the new songs because he is very knowledgeable," she told the presenter.

And here I see: "Grindr: Find the same sex in your neighborhood. "So I say to myself:" Wow ... And if it was possible to be with someone for years and not know it? ". Taking a huge doubt, Courteney Cox does not mention the main interest, but called his assistant, homosexual, if he would have made purchases on his computer.

But the answer is no. Courteney does not give up, insists, fussy, almost begs him to tell him that it was he who made the purchase on his computer! "C It is you who bought Grindr! "." Oh! That! No, yes ... It was a free, yes, yes! ". Relief of Mrs. Cox-Arquette To conclude:" It was terrible ...


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