Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ben Stiller is still concern in Haiti

They were many in Hollywood to mobilize during the earthquake of Haiti. Actors, singers, they were all there. And it is clear that a handful of them have never stopped the fight. Among them, actor Ben Stiller, who is now at the initiative of an auction designed to promote the education of children on site.

With the help of art dealer David Zwirner, it will hold next September 22 at Christie's, "Artists for Haiti." Chuck Close, Paul McCarthy, Jasper Johns, Dan Flavin, Jeff Koons, Hiroshi Sugimoto, among others, have each donated a work which goes on sale that day. In a statement, Ben Stiller said: "More than a year after the earthquake of Haiti, the country still needs to be rebuilt and needs help.

David and I are working to raise funds for Haiti's children receive the education they need to live a better life and fulfill the potential of this vibrant and important culture. The actor founded the Foundation Stiller at the time of earthquake. He proved today that when it undertakes, not lightly.

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