Thursday, April 21, 2011

Demi Lovato reveals her bipolar disorder

After talking about their problems with food that led him to make cuts on his body, Demi Lovato has discovered that when she was admitted suffering from bipolar disorder. In recent days the young in the news for having left the series that starred "Sonny" and also for having given support to Catherine Zeta Jones who also has bipolar disorder.

"When I was about to turn 15, only ate two meals a week, but did not lose weight because my body had become accustomed. So we tried new things ... laxatives, nothing worked, "People counted on. He also commented that it was never enough even vomited blood. "I decided I should start to vomit.

Sometimes, up to five times a day. I vomited a lot until bleeding in the bathroom, "narrated. Also admitted that he knew he was bipolar until she was in treatment for their problems with food and cuts. However, it seems that Demi fighting depression for a long time. "Looking back makes sense," he said.

"There were times I was so obsessed that he wrote seven songs in one night and kept me awake till 5.30 am," he claimed. "I feel like I'm under control now that my whole life has been a lack of control," he confessed. "The hardest thing for me is not having people I supervise." "My goal is to eat three times a day and sometimes is a challenge.

Some days I can not. I'm learning to like the food ... I want to fight for it. I've never had more peace and more happiness in my life. It is important to help others who are in my place, "he concluded.

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