Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shakira is one of the hottest rage in "Rabios!

The singer Shakira presents his latest single, "Rabios" (third single from Don album "Dirty el sol"), a title with strong potential given its frenzied pace and words rather sensual ... The sublime Colombian definitely likes to alternate genres After a romantic stroll with the single "Dirty el sol", the artist chose a song that sounds punchy 100% Latin American, with strong accents merengue, a relevant choice for the approach of summer, it feels as good warm sand and sunny summer evenings where the dance is everywhere.

Shakira would ensure good hit of the summer before the hour, right? The interpreter of "Hips Do not Lie" has collaborated with rapper and producer Dominican origins of "El cata" on this title (Spanish version) but also with the Cuban artist Pitbull (amériacaine version). Again, the song evokes the insatiable appetite of the beautiful blonde who demand ever more to the man she loves "Crazy" ("Loca") is executed to furious and angry "Rabios.

No doubt the singer will be able to express themselves physically on the next video clip to accompany the single, the lame and lascivious are expected especially hoped for some. On the cover of the single, the girlfriend of football player Gerard Pique, is simply hot, wearing just a swimsuit one piece of silver and matching boots, la bomba latina hides nothing of her perfect figure (adopting a posture most flattering ...) or its golden tan by the sun of Barcelona, where she spends as much time as possible to join her current lover.

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