Monday, April 18, 2011

Eugenia, the middle daughter of Bertin Osborne, were married in Jerez

The middle daughter of Bertin Osborne, Eugenia Ortiz and Juan Melgarejo was voted "I do" in the Church of San Miguel de Jerez de la Frontera on Saturday. A very special place for the bride and there also married his parents and older sister Alejandra. Eugenia married Juan Melgarejo, her boyfriend of life, dressed in a model of Miguel Palacio.

An original and green floaty dress designer Miguel Palacio aquamarine which combined with a romantic collected silver and decorated with flowers and a simple bouquet. The bride, a recent graduate in psychology, entered the Church of San Miguel on the arm of her father who practiced as sponsor where he waited Juan Melgarejo, who arrived in a vintage car, accompanied by his mother, who opted for flashy design red.

The boyfriend stated that Eugenia had taken care of every detail. Among the guests Bertin Osborne's wife and sisters Fabiola Eugenia also the grandfather of the bride and presenter John and Environment. Alejandra, who came with her husband Joaquín Buendía and his son James, who was one of the pages of the bride, wore a blue velvet design and long sleeves and a 'clutch' gold.

Claudia, youngest daughter of Bertin, opted for a more youthful look that combined a salmon-colored asymmetrical dress with gray shoes platform. The newlyweds will move to Italy for work reasons and now boyfriend Eugenia not to raise the family. Commented that she has enough with his younger brothers and his nephew.

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