Monday, April 18, 2011

Prince Harry named captain in the army

It is within the prestigious British Army that Prince Harry, top of its 26 years, has been appointed to the rank of Captain. A title that is likely to place among the single most coveted in the world. This contrast is particularly timely for Harry, who was more accustomed to family scandals. Remember Harry SS officer at a costume party in 2005 ...

Harry, chosen as best man William and Kate Middleton will attend so his brother on the path that leads to the famous "I do" under the arches of the famous Westminster Abbey as a captain, no doubt he will wear proudly the blue sky due to his rank. Harry is now a serious young man who walks proudly in the footsteps of her mother, Lady Di Pincesse: association fighting against AIDS, assistance to third world countries, humanitarian mission to the North Pole ...

In rehearsing the wedding, Harry takes on an additional role this week, one to accompany Kate Middleton at the altar, the Prince William to meet other obligations. This may give ideas to its future conquests?

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