Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Evan Rachel Wood reveals that he is bisexual

Actress Evan Rachel Wood has spoken out about his sexual orientation in the May issue of Esquire magazine which revealed that attract both men and women. The attractive 23 year old explained that not in love with anyone but if you met a nice guy or a nice girl who knows? In what has been learned about his private life the star of HBO's The Mildred Pierce has come out with only men, was engaged for a short time with the musician Marilyn Manson.

It is also associated with his colleague Alexander Skarsgård, something that happened to be a brief affair. Now the sexy Swede has a stable relationship with actress Kate Bosworth. However, it also has maintained relationships with women as Esquire account. The publication asked if he has dated women, to which answers yes.

On lesbian relationships has said it puts more of guy when a girl, which is considered the dominant part. "I open doors, buy dinner. Yes, I am romantic, "he explains. "I think I'm a bit controversial," he says about your personality. "Just trying to keep some mystery, so afortudamente people can not put their finger on the wound", he commented.

A little over a year, his partner in HBO's True Blood, Anna Paquin, Sookie Stackhouse, discovered he was bisexual in a campaign organized by several gay and transgender groups.

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