Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Halle Berry forced to abandon his work on Broadway because of problems with the custody of his daughter

Halle Berry has been forced to abandon the work The Mountaintop which was to play on Broadway. The work, which is reminiscent of what happened the night of the assassination of Martin Luther King, played by Samuel L. Jackson, and that Berry had a leading role, has had to see what direction it has written a statement acknowledging that "Due to problems related to custody of her daughter, Berry had to stop work.

This news seems very sad. " Berry played the assistant to the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, where Luther King was assassinated on April 4, 1968. It so happens that Berry is the second time he has to suspend its appearance in a play or movie for the same reason. In February, the film was New Year's Eve which was left without its participation because it prevented her ex-husband to take her daughter across the country while filming the aforementioned tape.

At that time the judge ruled in favor of Berry but we must keep in mind is not for Gabriel Aubry nothing for the attitude of Berry. The actress is pretty tired of this attitude and has opted for no answer to the media but not always. In its domestic forum is rarely silent and has therefore chosen to discuss all these little incidents which have served her in court.

Gabriel Aubry has already announced its intention not to put anything easier the work of custody Berry and well he is doing. We continue speaking out on behalf of their daughter, perhaps lost in legal bickering, is the one suffering most from this situation. We can only appeal to the understanding between the couple for both sides to achieve emotional stability they now suffer.

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