Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lady Gaga naked for NME: star unveiled!

In the middle of promoting her new album, Lady Gaga will soon be shown from every angle. Then we discovered yesterday in the provocative positions and kept confusing for Harper's Bazaar, Queen of the provocative hit even harder today for the music magazine NME. Lady Gaga is the coverage in combination totally transparent, his chest and lower abdomen more or less concealed by zippers.

"Unzipped" as the magazine and it is good to unzip the combination Gaga because the wording was chosen to go on the grill, "whether it has or if it is just another pop singer Artificial seeking to attract attention. " Result? Lady Gaga Paper during their meeting in Las Vegas, "eventually reveal abuse and exploded into tears." Obviously, the number is at its purchase for any fan of the singer of Born This Way to learn more about the enigmatic pop star 23 years.

"I'm not full of m ***", and you?" Gaga written on the cover of the magazine. Germanotta Stefani gets naked, and it hurts ... Perpetually between wisdom and controversy, Lady Gaga permancence emphasizes its bipolarity, especially when it refers to half her body tattooed to one half of itself is normal according to the will of his father.

One that promotes sexual tolerance and spends her time exaggerating the Church (his disguise of a nun, her latest single headlight, Judas ...) is able to stand on trays televised condom dress to calmly discuss the risk of AIDS . Even after having seen naked, it seems we have much to learn from Lady Gaga.

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