Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hugh Laurie shows his best side in Paris

Hugh Laurie has had to see how many fans greet him on the street and others criticize him for his toughness and his way of being in House MD, the series has given him worldwide fame. At this moment he is in Paris to shoot Mr. Pip, the new film from director Andrew Adamson, he plays a character almost opposite of what we are used in that series.

Your role will be to Mr. Watts, the last white man on the island of Bougainville, the war-torn place. In the same town opened a school for young and thanks to his favorite novel, Great Expectations, achieved by raising a youth without a future. After being the protagonist, as a voice actor in Hop, Laurie seems to want to return to what it was: a comedy actor.

The Hunger Games could be another film that would play following this trail of comedy tapes. Precisely artistic versatility has been his main weapon to be placed in the best positions in the castings for movies almost opposite the famous TV series. Laurie's classical training, his experience in television and a huge desire to change registry has done the rest.

We can only hope to see Laurie as a gentleman elegant, understated, funny and touching in his next film. What do you think of this change of registration?, "Laurie prefer the gruff or charming?

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