Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The husband of Celine Dion Star Academy, tabernacle!

No, Rene Angelil not replace Kamel Ouali in an upcoming edition of the French Star Academy. This is written as Pop Idol "-ie," because we are in Quebec. Who better to lead the school as Rene Angelil, a famous producer and husband of pop star Celine Dion in Quebec? This is a character who speaks internationally.

In fact, the involvement of Rene will be a return since 2009, he was already director for an edition that apparently left him with fond memories: "I loved my experience at Star Academy. I lived large moments and I was very pleased to be asked to return for the fifth edition, "he said. The host of the show highlighted the generosity of Mr.

Dion: "Even if he became the greatest impresario in the world, it remains above all a generous and passionate about his craft." Nothing serves to provide his trip to Canada too fast to see Rene directly into the local small window, the Star Academy Quebec would start at the winter 2012.

The time to find good candidates!

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