Monday, April 18, 2011

Jean-Luc Reichmann "Turning the TV to the TV does not interest me"

Gossip Rumors. en: For those who do not know yet Victor Savage, can you present? Jean-Luc Reichmann: this is a behaviorist, a lover of animals, it went live a few years in Africa but decided to return to France because he wants to see her children grow up. He comes back and everything changed, including his wife ...

which girlfriend with his best friend. It's a family comedy, which also talks about serious subjects, such as protection of nature. You know the fauna before turning the TV movie? I have children ... then the animals, yes I know ... but now I am very familiar with the lions and other gibbons! You have a story with animals? I've been bitten ...

the beast was upset with the trip and the cameras, I was not careful enough, it's my fault. Your kids have seen the TV movie? I have children of all ages, but the small is very interested ... They wish they had a little monkey at home ... It is a little jealous that I played with all these animals but it is mostly jealous that I do not spend enough time at home.

Anyway, I am proud to turn in a family comedy, from 7 to 77 years .... My daughter watched the film. I was a bit stressed. "He looks like me" she said, "is the best criticism I can get. Could there be a recurrence of Victor Savage? The first issue very well (7 million viewers, I hope it will work as well.

We shot two films, diffusion will depend on the hearings. It does not depend on me. When I arrived there at TF1 Ten years ago, I explained the director of programs I would not be that man games, I need to feed myself by doing different things. I was an actor before becoming the host in TV, and I love it.

I am aware that it is increasingly difficult to make large audiences.'m trying to do what I like. It's the same theater, or the 12 shots noon. I have no fatigue in my work, I get to do what I love and learn ... Make the remote to turn the TV does not interest me. You also produced What are your plans? is increasingly difficult to launch new projects, including variety / entertainment.

There are many adaptations, it would be difficult today to redo Watch your step. Rightly, makers chains are becoming more cautious. On TV, everything changes very quickly. That is also why I am diverse.

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