Monday, April 18, 2011

Jonathan and Daniela Secret Story Angels in reality TV 2

Loana, Brandon The binding of Temptation, Secret Story 4 Julie, Jonathan and Daniela Secret Story 3 ... This is the promising cast readout of the second edition of the reality of angels. Disney Co reveals the names of candidates until the issue of NRJ 12 starts and must say that this reunion is an opportunity to shock.

Loana is undoubtedly the star of the penthouse as the blonde's first name has refused almost all the proposals so far apart for Get me out of there, I'm a celebrity. Loana, return, 10 years later! Another lead candidate: Brandon, with sulfurous brown Diana, had the best days of the summer program of the Ie temptation.

Secret Story fans will be pleased to find many candidates from the issuance of TF1, among them, Jonathan, the candidate for Einstein's IQ. To spice up these Angels of reality, production has also brought Daniela (her secret: she was the mistress of Cristiano Ronaldo), also emanating from Secret Story 3.

And if Jonathan has had a longer history with Sabrina, it was first released with Daniela. The two candidates will meet former therefore under the Miami sun ... Also the casting of the show, Caroline Secret Story 2, Sofiane who participated in Star Academy 4, which saw him win the young Grégory Lemarchal, Julie Secret Story 4 and Monia, the pretty half-caste, candidate and member Popstar Whatfor ephemeral.

Finally, the cast will be complemented by Marvin Mareek handsome, blond coming issue of the Generation Model, also aired on NRJ 12.

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