Saturday, April 23, 2011

Joe and Nick Jonas boast great body in Hawaii

The Jonas family is going on a family vacation in Hawaii and this has given rise to see the great body of Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas. The middle and the youngest of the Jonas Brothers have spent many hours in the gym as proof the picture above, but People has also given us the scoop to see the torsos of the brothers when they took off their shirts, here you can see.

Joe Jonas, 21, and Nick Jonas, 18, are great. The first news that we went to the gym regularly, but little has changed considerably physique. The boys, I can see with his little brother Frankie Jonas at the airport, with their typical flower necklaces, and taking pictures with his fans in the main street of Maui.

However, there is no sign of Kevin Jonas, his older brother and his wife Danielle Deleasa, who may have wanted to spend some time alone. Joe wrote on Twitter this week: "Paradise Now", followed by two smiling emoticons. While Nick also did the same on the network and said, "so blessed these days." What is incontestable is that the kids are in shape and is seen Joe quite recovered from his breakup with Ashley Greene, while Nick is losing his boyish appearance.

What do you think these cuepazos?

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