Saturday, April 23, 2011

Carmen Belén Esteban Lomana demand

Lomana statements on Bethlehem Carmen Esteban have bothered Sálvame collaborator. However, it is clear that the San Blas is going to sue the director of the Crown Jewels of the words he said about his daughter Andrea Janeiro Stephen in the program presented by Santi Acosta. Lomana Andreita said it was a lovely girl, but added that his mother should worry about it, focusing on your weight and your jaw.

The San Blas jumping like crazy and said that she was the only one who spoke of his daughter because she had given birth. A speech that we already know. Deluxe Sálvame collaborators felt that what he had done was very serious Lomana have revealed private information of a minor. Kiko Hernandez complained that they had treated so well to the octogenarian mother of Carmen with what she had said of the daughter of his companion.

While Kiko Matamoros and Mila Ximénez Lomana mocked Carmen, Lydia Lozano however remained fairly quiet, "Share representative to the posh television. Also the mother had suffered a principle Lomana of pneumonia on Wednesday and blamed the health problem Matamoros. The story will continue in intimate enemies, Belén Esteban program that threw a warning and told to stop speaking of it always, employees there have a lot to hide about their minor children, dropouts and others ...

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