Friday, April 22, 2011

Joe Jonas and his brother Nick thoroughly enjoy their stay in Hawaii!

The famous Jonas Brothers, Nick and Joe of the musical "Jonas Brothers" like a good time spent together, they were seen sitting in the middle of shopping in the streets of "Front Stree" Wednesday, April 20 in Maui early! The day belongs to the people who get up early as the saying goes. Celebs teens who enjoy a pleasant family holiday, had donned their summer clothes, Joe opted for jeans and a T-Shirt, and Nick had slipped into shorts and a tank to do some shopping, sun Hawaii warms the body but also the hearts ...

The two beautiful kids always gracious, even took time to pose with some fans who have accepted and signed a few autographs to the delight of their fans and admirers especially! The brothers have been photographed in recent days, in every corner of the island by a maximum of tourism away from the busy Hollywood and enjoying convivial moments with your family (beach, golf, shopping, spend all activities ...).

After shopping the Jonas Brothers do not hesitate to enjoy the pleasures of the beach wearing bulging muscles. Energetic Joe, 21 and Nick, 18 years old are not the type to sunbathe on a deck, in fact, the kids prefer to maintain their beautiful athletic body by moving on the sand, the secret to beautiful abs? Their brother Kevin and his wife Danielle have been more discreet! But console yourself by looking at the pictures of Nick and Joe sitting in the middle of shopping, or shirtless on the beach and even wearing necklaces of flowers as required by custom Hawaiian sublime!

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