Friday, April 22, 2011

Scholarly research Concierge (pub TV)

In Normandy, near the "Little Plant Bio of 2 cows, we have an appointment with Scholarly and Concierge. The sky is blue, and green pastures (green pasture bio specify Learned) allows the team to wait for the duo in a bucolic setting. Scholarly enters, small round glasses on the nose, relaxed. She holds out a paw, comely, and then guides us under an apple tree (BIO) in bloom.

"There will be good for the interview. I do not propose to grass but I've brought you some apples. Try this. . In tasting the fruit (organic, therefore, insists Savante) Concierge is expected. Scholarly "Mmmeuh not, do not worry. Chatterbox will happen from one minute to another. Well, another apple? "After one hour and four apples (organic), Concierge is always there.

Scholarly annoyed: "I love it but it's still the same. I'm square and she, she does just that at its head, you see. It is endearing eh, but hey, the job is the job, whatever. "Behind the apple tree, the sun is going to bed. To fill the time, we Savante chronicles the rise of the duo, their commitment to organic, the planet but also the welfare of animals.

It emphasizes their struggle for organic farmers ("It's so mieuuuuh Bio!"). She returns on public support: "... If we make good products, it is a pleasure to taste buds, so the public!". It finally discusses fame, tensions sometimes, and especially the many laughs during the filming TV ("At first, Concierge died of stage fright, she could never remember his text, I'll have you watch the bloopers.

Another Apple?) It's now been more than three hours we expect Concierge. Scholarly apologizes, says that cows have no laptop, so it'll be difficult to reach her friend. She invites us to begin the interview. We refuse politely. Without Concierge, 2 cows would not taste the same. Scholarly around in circles around the apple tree: "She has forgotten.

Or maybe it was the wrong day. That's kind. I always tell him to note. But as she forgets to note, it is useless. Another Apple? "We propose to postpone the interview. Scholarly resolves to accept, then lends itself readily to a photo shoot, very professional despite the circumstances ("I keep my glasses?" It's going to my profile like that? Or more like this? ") Team Gossip Rumors takes leave.

A few hours later, we learn that Pipelette officially disappeared. Scholarly not found it anywhere. Savante statement to AFP: "Well, she had to lose. We had an appointment with reporters. I told him "under the apple tree" and it never came. It's really annoying. I wonder where she has been able to graze from.

I'll investigate! "The Index of day, 100% guaranteed Mieuuuh is: C23XHWLQTT. Visit Facebook to try to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of Concierge.

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