Monday, April 18, 2011

Johnny Hallyday and Christian Audigier reconciled

Background: The two men are longtime friends and after the earthquake mediatic suffered by Johnny Hallyday recently, it was important for him to reconcile with his friend Christian Audigier and so to focus on real values . Their feud has its roots in two places: the clothing brand Johnny Hallyday Smet Christian Audigier and launched them both, just to break the United States.

A problem for the star whose shortfall is enormous. Second concern, not least, Christian has advised a tattoo artist Johnny Hallyday who wanted to register the initials of his daughter Jade in Chinese, yet the tattoos do not really speak Chinese as a missing part of the name: great unease, it is difficult to imagine the benefits to tattoos! Johnny rage, slams the door on his friend! The two men, friends for years, could no longer remain so.

They were both crossed in the middle of fun in the streets of L. A and at Gold's Gym, a trendy sports club and select. Johnny's wife, Laetitia Hallyday, who seeks only the happiness of her husband is perhaps something. Anyway, what better than sharing a beer on a terrace with his lifelong friend?

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