Monday, April 18, 2011

Sarkozy for Woody Allen: "mi Humphrey Bogart, half tough guy"

This will be the buzz of the Cannes Film Festival 2011: on the one hand, in the new film, the other a drama on the climb at the 2007 elections. While half the country considers the presence of the presidential couple on the Croisette, the JDD asked about a role he might consider giving to Mr. Sarkozy.

A policy is necessarily a good actor, right? Francophile director replied: "". Rather a nice compliment to the comparison of the actor and husband of Lauren Bacall. And a character in Joe Pesci? continues the journalist referring to the actor and stocky. "". At a time when courting all European cities, becoming a promoter of luxury tourism, reducing the opportunity costs of shooting her, he would propose to the president a small role in an upcoming film in Paris?

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