Friday, April 22, 2011

Justin Bieber is a young person most influential in the world

But how far will he? Its success is undeniable. Around the world, Justin Bieber is a real phenomenon that small capsized the hearts of his fans. With or without lock, you're set for himself and his ascension does not seem ready to stop! The icing on the cake, the newspaper Time Magazine, which just published - as every year - its list of the hundred most influential people of the world, reveals that Mr.

Bieber, not only figure in the standings, but even paying the luxury of beating United States President Barack Obama! Him, the little Canadian! If the young man has not yet expressed his guardian angel Usher, said he was delighted: "When I saw him, I knew this boy had some confidence in him, that only the stars have.

He was born star. The reality of who he is and what he has done is well beyond what people expected from him. "He said. It now awaits the reaction of Justin Bieber himself. Finally, note that if he beat Barack, Michelle Obama is behind in the rankings ...

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