Friday, April 22, 2011

Scarlett Johansson Sean Penn gets angry

The actor Sean Penn is upset with his new girlfriend, actress Scarlett Johansson seems to have lately somewhat disorganized life and habits that the actor, do not do much grace and so, the actress is angry with the actor. As reported by the magazine 'Star', the actress, is upset because she reproached Penn smoke, drink and have taken a little weight.

Somewhat surprising when you consider that the actor's past is not that there was a blank, and that was always included among the bad boys of Hollywood. Penn, who recently settled his head and leads a healthy life in which to maximize their health care, does not want his girl to be neglected.

It is true that some weight has been taken in recent weeks, the proof is that even thought she was pregnant, but not tell her boyfriend, is what has not sat well with the interpreter. In addition, former Ryan Reynolds, has yet to begin shooting 'The Avengers' and therefore should not put on weight, not be neglected, since it plays the character of 'Black Widow' in which you have to look spectacular figure to get into a super tight dress.

On the other hand, former husband of Madonna, perhaps because it was not exactly a role model in the past, now or drink, or smoke or make any excesses, Johansson does not want to take these services so unsavory that may endanger her figure and especially their health.

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